Mönsterås Ställplats


Inre Hamnen in Mönsterås is a popular RV park. Close to cafes, restaurants, shops and tourist office open in summer. A service building with a toilet and kitchenette is located at the multi-purpose hall and a shower is offered in the Waterpark. In the area there is also a tourist office in the yellow station building along Sjögatan, a stone's throw from the harbour. The tourist office is open for visits from June 1 to August 31, but you are welcome to call or email the tourist office all year round.

Toilet and kitchenette with code in the booking confirmation. Shower in the Water Palace with code at booking confirmation. The area is partially rebuilt and Mönsterås municipality is waiting for a decision on a major rebuild within a few years. Therefore, this year the plan does not have access to a full-service building adjacent to the plan.

Number of spots 14 spots incl. Electricity
Price SEK 250 per day
Host Mönsterås tourist office

What this location offers

water Fresh Water Hookups
wc Restroom
power Shore Power Hookups
restaurant_menu Waterside Restaurant